Mentoring Groups for Positive Development

Mentoring Inspires and Elevates Community Connections

Mentoring brings children together with others in the community, growing their network of support and enlarging their ohana.

After enrolling in KHTH services, children are eligible to participate in mentoring group activities.

There are four mentoring groups:

Surf for the Soul

Children learn to surf big and small waves. The challenges of surfing are mirrored in adaptations to loss and healing of trauma. Sometimes waves are big and difficult, knocking us off balance. Other times waves are small and manageable. Surfing teaches youth to never give up, regardless of the size of the wave. 


Poi for the Soul

Based on the Hawaiian culture of growing taro to make poi, children learn about reciprocal relationships. Taro is seen as a brother of the Hawaiian people. Hawaiians teach that when you take care of taro, taro takes care of you because it is a perfect food for the body’s health. Reciprocal relationships are the perfect food for the soul.


Seeds of Love

Through outdoor activities such as planting, fishing, and hiking, children learn how to connect with nature in healthy ways. Engaging with nature can be another source of healing for youth coping with grief and trauma. Through nature, children find joy and embrace a positive coping resource that benefits them far beyond childhood.


Community and Culture

Children learn the importance of community and culture by recognizing and respecting differences in others who they may rely on for support and guidance. Through cultural activities, children learn diversity and inclusion. Through community-based mentoring, they connect with local resources growing their support network.

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“We can’t prevent domestic violence, victimization of children, and loss of family members. But, we can provide resources that help children cope with those difficult situations.” – Cynthia White, Co-Founder & Executive Director.