Healing Young Hearts

Loss and age-specific therapeutic peer-support groups

A Message from Our Children

Peer Support Groups where

No Child Hurts Alone

KHTH provides community and school based therapeutic peer support groups for children impacted by grief and trauma.

School-based groups follow a nine session curriculum and is offered twice a school year.

Community-based groups are ongoing and open-ended so families can participate all year long.

All services use the Family Strengthening Model.
Peer groups are child-directed and family-centered.
Volunteers are trained and supervised by professional staff.
Peer Support Group Structure
Opening Circle: Groups begin with a sharing circle. No one is forced to talk. There is an “I Pass” rule.
Play Time: KHTH recognizes that children’s primary way of communicating is not talking. It is behavior that includes playing and interactions with others. After Opening Circle, children and teens can choose what they want to do from various play activities. Children process their grief and trauma through play. There is a “Volcano Room” with large plush stuffed animals and a six-foot-tall wrestling doll.
Closing CircleGroups end with another sharing circle.

To learn more or enroll in services send an email to [email protected] or call our office at 808-545-5683.


“We can’t prevent domestic violence, victimization of children, and loss of family members. But, we can provide resources that help children cope with those difficult situations.” – Cynthia White, Co-Founder & Executive Director.