Family Stories

Finding a Safe Space to Cope with Losing a Parent

It is a privilege to watch as the children grow and heal. Pictured here are Jamie and Malina. Jamie started at age 9. She is 15 now, experiencing success in high school, and donates to Kids Hurt Too Hawaii. Malina, who started at age 11, is attending college at age 18. Jamie, separated from her mom through a divorce, and Malina, whose father died, have different types of losses. But like the 4,200 grieving and traumatized children who participated over the past 16 years, they found a place of belonging that understood their unique needs. They became a part of our ohana. Jamie invited staff to her Bat Mitzvah and donated $400 of the monetary gifts she received. Malina is an advocate for the organization. It is a joy to see them achieve their dreams.

Children have a remarkable capacity for unconditional love. They see their parents with their hearts no matter how sad or bad. We are honored when they share their continuing bonds. They teach us how to love.

It is not easy for children to manage the impact of parent loss or trauma from violence, abuse, or neglect. At Kids Hurt Too Hawaii therapeutic activities, they learn to never give up at Surf for the Soul, to take care of others at Poi for the Soul, and to be good citizens at cultural and community engagement events. In peer groups, children learn they are not alone and gain positive social skills.

THANK YOU!!! to all the donors, volunteers, and staff who make this amazing work possible. May you be blessed with unconditional love.