Taking Training Abroad

Kids Hurt Too Hawaii offers training in Japan.

HONOLULU — Kids Hurt Too Hawaii continues to expand its efforts to help children struggling with the loss of a parent.

Grief-stricken children in orphanages across Japan are the latest example of the nonprofit organization’s international reach.

Adults who experienced life in Japan’s social welfare system are benefiting in a big way from a two-day training session organized by Kids Hurt Too Hawaii, which helped them learn skills for engaging young people in conversations about their struggles.

At least one participant expressed appreciation for the training, which was characterized as helping him understand how his own experience could be helpful in the work he does with other youth.

“Our counseling and mentoring programs in Japan are intended to help traumatized children abroad draw strength from peers and relatives in their efforts to overcome sadness and feelings of isolation,” said Cynthia White, executive director of Kids Hurt Too Hawaii.